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Report on the Work of the Government 2020(4)


广东快乐十分VIII. Advancing the reform and development of social programs to safeguard and improve living standards


广东快乐十分Despite the difficulties we face, we must unfailingly meet the basic living needs of our people and address issues of public concern.


广东快乐十分We will enhance the public health system. We will always put life above everything else. We will reform the system for disease prevention and control, enhance our capacity for infectious disease prevention and treatment, improve mechanisms for direct reporting and early warning of infectious diseases, and ensure prompt, open, and transparent release of epidemic information. We will make good use of covid-19 bonds, increase inputs into the R&D of vaccines, medicines, and rapid testing technologies, build more medical facilities for epidemic control and treatment, set up more mobile laboratories, ensure emergency supplies, and strengthen public health and epidemic prevention at the primary level. We will step up training of public health personnel. We will carry out extensive activities to improve public sanitation. We will enhance public knowledge of how to maintain good health and hygiene, and promote healthy and positive lifestyles. We need to greatly enhance our prevention and control capability, resolutely prevent a resurgence of covid-19, and protect the health of our people.


We will improve basic medical services. We will raise government subsidies for basic medical insurance for rural and non-working urban residents by an average of 30 yuan per person, and pilot inter-provincial on-the-spot settlement of outpatient bills through basic medical insurance accounts. We will provide support to medical institutions badly affected by the epidemic. The comprehensive reform of public hospitals will be furthered. We will develop Internet Plus Healthcare models and build regional medical centers. We will increase our capacity for providing medical services in urban and rural communities and continue developing the tiered diagnosis and treatment model. We will promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine and its use alongside Western medicine. We will work to ensure harmony in the relationship between doctor and patient. Supervision over food and drugs will be tightened up to guarantee their safety.


We will develop more equitable and higher-quality education. We will place importance on fostering virtue in education. We will see that teaching in primary and secondary schools and entrance examinations for senior high school and university are well-organized. We will strengthen the development of boarding schools in townships and towns, small rural schools, and schools in county seats. We will improve policies on providing access to compulsory education to children living with their migrant worker parents in cities. We will provide quality special needs education and continuing education, and give support to private schools while also keeping them well-regulated. We will develop public-interest pre-school education and help private kindergartens overcome difficulties. We will promote development of substance in higher education, develop world-class universities and world-class disciplines, and support the development of colleges and universities in the central and western regions. We will expand the enrollment of students from rural and poor areas at colleges and universities. We will develop vocational education. We will strengthen the ranks of teachers, and promote the application of information technology in education. We will ensure a steady level of investment in education, improve the mix of educational spending, and narrow the gaps between urban and rural areas, between regions, and between schools, so as to make educational resources accessible to all our families and children and enable them to embrace a brighter future.


广东快乐十分We will make greater efforts to meet people's basic living needs. We will increase the basic pension for retirees and the minimum basic old-age pension for rural and non-working urban residents. We will realize provincial-level collection and spending of enterprise workers' basic pension funds and increase the proportion of these funds under central government allocation. Close to 300 million people in our country live on pensions, and we must ensure they receive their benefits on time and in full. We will ensure implementation of preferential treatment policies for demobilized military personnel, and ensure benefits for the families of people who have died in service of the public. We will extend the coverage of unemployment insurance and see that rural migrant workers and others out of work who are in the scheme less than a year are covered in the locality where they are living. The social assistance system will be improved. Subsistence allowances will be expanded to cover all families in difficulty, and such allowances will be made promptly available to eligible urban unemployed people and migrant workers who have returned home. We will ensure assistance is provided to anyone who runs into temporary difficulty because of disaster, illness, or disability. With these measures, we can ensure that all members of disadvantaged groups have their basic living needs met and that more unemployed people will have the support they need to secure their next job or start their own business.


广东快乐十分We will organize rich intellectual and cultural activities for our people. We will foster and practice core socialist values, and continue to develop philosophy and social sciences, the press, publishing, radio, film, and television. The protection and use of cultural relics and the preservation of intangible cultural heritage will be improved. We will improve public cultural services, make preparations for the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing, and encourage people to exercise and keep fit and embrace a culture of reading. With these endeavors, our people will be full of vitality and striving to pursue excellence and moral integrity.


广东快乐十分We will create new and better ways to conduct social governance. We will improve community management and service mechanisms and strengthen rural governance. We will support the sound development of social organizations, humanitarian assistance, volunteer service, and charity. We will protect the lawful rights and interests of women, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. We will improve the system for handling public complaints, provide better legal aid, and ensure that justified public demands are addressed promptly and social problems and disputes are handled in the right way. The seventh population census will be carried out. We will strengthen national security capacity building. We will improve the crime prevention and control system, punish crimes in accordance with law, and more effectively carry out the Peaceful China initiative.


We will strengthen accountability for workplace safety. We will intensify prevention efforts against flooding, fires, and earthquakes, deliver quality meteorological services, and enhance our capacity for emergency management and rescue and disaster prevention and mitigation. A campaign to enhance workplace safety will be launched. Strong steps will be taken to prevent major and extremely serious accidents.


Fellow Deputies,


In the face of difficult and weighty tasks, governments at all levels must closely follow the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core in thinking, stance, and action and practice the people-centered development philosophy. We must enforce full, rigorous self-discipline of the Party, exercise law-based government administration, build a rule of law government, ensure transparency in all government affairs, and enhance our governance capacity. We will accept, as required by law, the oversight of people's congresses and their standing committees at the same level, and readily subject ourselves to the democratic oversight of the CPPCC, public oversight, and oversight through public opinion. Auditing-based oversight will be stepped up. We will give full play to the role of trade unions, Communist Youth League organizations, women's federations, and other people's organizations. We in the government must readily accept the oversight of the law, supervisory bodies, and the people. We must redouble efforts to build a clean government and crack down on corruption.


Government at all levels must take a fact-based approach to work, and keep firmly in mind that we remain in the primary stage of socialism, which is the basic dimension of China's national context. We must abide by objective laws, base everything we do on actual conditions, and deliver in our work. In our efforts to address formalities for formalities' sake, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance, we will put a strong focus on the first two harmful practices, in order to release our primary-level officials from the fetters of pointless formalities and give full rein to their drive. We will stand behind officials who live up to their responsibilities, and we will work to see that they carry out their duties. We must rely closely on the people, respect the pioneering spirit of those working at the primary level, advance reform and opening up with greater force, ignite the dynamism of our society, and bring together the energy and ingenuity of hundreds of millions of Chinese people. This is the source of inspiration that enables us to prevail over all difficulties and challenges. We officials must not shy away in the face of difficulty; we must do solid work and make concerted efforts to pursue development and ensure the wellbeing of the people. As long as we stand together with the people through good times and bad and continue to forge ahead, we can surely fulfill the desire of the Chinese people for a better life.


This year, we will formulate the 14th Five-Year Plan, thus drawing the blueprint for us to embark on a new journey toward the second Centenary Goal.


广东快乐十分Fellow Deputies,


广东快乐十分We will uphold and improve the system of regional ethnic autonomy, support ethnic minorities and ethnic minority areas in accelerating development, and forge a strong sense of community among the Chinese people. We will fully implement the Party's fundamental policy on religious affairs and encourage religious leaders and believers to play an active part in promoting economic and social development. China cares deeply about our overseas nationals, who serve as a crucial bridge linking China and the rest of the world. We will give play to the unique role of overseas Chinese nationals and their family members and relatives at home, and forge a stronger bond of attachment among all the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation. Together, we can create more remarkable achievements.


广东快乐十分Since last year, we have achieved important progress in strengthening national defense and the armed forces. The people's armed forces demonstrated fine conduct by reacting swiftly to the Party's commands and shouldering heavy responsibilities in covid-19 control. We will thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's thinking on strengthening the armed forces and the military strategy for the new era. We will continue to enhance the political loyalty of the armed forces, strengthen them through reform, science and technology, and the training of capable personnel, and run the military in accordance with law. We will uphold the Party's absolute leadership over the people's armed forces and strictly implement the system of ultimate responsibility resting with the chair of the Central Military Commission. We will advance military training and war preparedness to the best of our ability and firmly safeguard China's sovereignty, security, and development interests. We will complete the crucial tasks laid down in the 13th Five-Year Plan for the development of the armed forces and draw up the 14th Five-Year Plan. We will deepen reforms in national defense and the military, increase our logistic and equipment support capacity, and promote innovative development of defense-related science and technology. We will improve the system of national defense mobilization and ensure that the unity between the military and the government and between the military and the people remains rock solid.


We will fully and faithfully implement the policy of One Country, Two Systems, under which the people of Hong Kong govern Hong Kong and the people of Macao govern Macao, with a high degree of autonomy for both regions. We will establish sound legal systems and enforcement mechanisms for safeguarding national security in the two special administrative regions, and see that the governments of the two regions fulfill their constitutional responsibilities. We will support Hong Kong and Macao in growing their economies, improving living standards, and better integrating their development into China's overall development, and help them maintain long-term prosperity and stability.


广东快乐十分We will adhere to the major principles and policies on work related to Taiwan, uphold the one-China principle, and promote the peaceful growth of relations across the Taiwan Strait on the basis of the 1992 Consensus. We will resolutely oppose and deter any separatist activities seeking “Taiwan independence.” We will improve institutional arrangements, policies, and measures to encourage exchanges and cooperation between the two sides of the Strait, further cross-Strait integrated development, and protect the wellbeing of our fellow compatriots in Taiwan. We will encourage them to join us in opposing “Taiwan independence” and promoting China's reunification. With these efforts, we can surely create a beautiful future for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


广东快乐十分In the face of the public health crisis, severe economic recession, and other global challenges, all countries should work together. China stands ready to work with other countries to strengthen international cooperation on covid-19 control, promote stability in the world economy, advance global governance, and uphold the international system with the United Nations at its core and an international order based on international law. China is committed to building a human community with a shared future. China will continue to pursue peaceful development, and advance friendship and cooperation with other countries as it opens up wider to the rest of the world. China will remain an important force promoting world peace, stability, development, and prosperity.


广东快乐十分Fellow Deputies,


The Chinese nation has never been daunted in the face of difficulties or obstacles. The Chinese people today have the ability and resolve to overcome all challenges before us. We must rally more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, uphold socialism with Chinese characteristics, and follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Let us meet our challenges head-on, move determinedly forward in the fight against covid-19 and in pursuit of economic and social development, and strive to fulfill the targets and tasks for this year. Let all of us work together with perseverance to build China into a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious, and beautiful, and realize the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.


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n. 工具,器具; 当工具的物品
vt. 实施



adj. 暂时的,临时的
n. 临时工



adj. 宪法的,合乎宪法的,体质的,组成的 n. 散步



广东快乐十分adj. 独一无二的,独特的,稀罕的



广东快乐十分n. 努力;斗争 v. 力争;奋斗;努力(strive的



n. 智巧,创造力,精巧的设计



adj. 商议好的,协定的,一致的 动词concert的



广东快乐十分n. 环境卫生(卫生设备,下水道设备)



n. 活力,生命力



n. 职员,人事部门